No Ragrets


Hey folks,

I started a new job in September, and true to form, this blog fell off the face of the planet.  Luckily I have friends who like to remind me that I have a blog and they like to read it (thanks for the nudge Steph).  Also luckily, I love my new workplace and the people who work there.

So here is a quick catch up on whats the what:

Tattoo:  I got my first tattoo in 15 years and I have no regrets or ragrets.  The tattoo is this bunny with an 8 on it (for good luck).  I love it so much.  I want to get more.


Zumba:  I’m back to doing Zumba on a regular basis and realized that even though I’m horrible at it, I love it so.  For me the key to regular work outs are dance classes with really loud, cheesy music.  Insert Jazz hands.

Makeup: I treated myself and bought a ridiculously expensive Chanel Mascara that everyone raves about and then went back to L’Oreal Telescopic because frankly it works a whole lot better at 1/3 the price.  THEN I found an even cheaper Mascara that I love even more – Essence I love Extreme Volume Black Mascara.  It is an amazing Mascara and gives me flirty eyes, so watch out fellas.

It should be noted that my criteria for a great Mascara is that it gives me volume, length and does not smudge or flake.  So basically the whole package.  However, lots of awesome people love Chanel Mascaras so if that is your thing, no judgements.

Deep Thoughts:  I will leave you with this nugget of wisdom from my girl crush of the week – Madeline Albright.


Have a great week!

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