Let. it. go.


Well here we are.  Summer.  The time I look forward too and also kind of dread because I know my hair is going to be difficult to manage.  So, I try to embrace the curl in the summer and have been having great success with a couple of hair products.  I have been washing my hair with a regular shampoo (Sachuan) and then putting this Kerastase hair mask in my hair and just letting go and letting my hair do what it wants.  What I end up with are fantastic curls with no damage to my hair or stickiness.  I hate stickiness.  I have also used with technique with Olaplex #3, another great product.  I don’t know what’s in these products but they are MAGICAL.

I mean, you could also use these products and rinse them out but why if you don’t have to?  Look at me, being carefree.

Get out there and enjoy your summer and remember to….



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