February Favorites

I’m not going to dwell on how long it’s been since I last wrote but suffice it’s to say… it’s been awhile.  I really need to work on consistency in 2018.  What have been doing with all my free time?  Spending time with my family, working, traveling, meditating, drawing and going down youtube rabbit holes.  Yep, that pretty sums up the last 7 months.

To get back into the swing of things here are some new favorite for you to check out:

The Kristen Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray 

Beach wave spray

Guys, GUYS! this is the beach wave spray of my dreams.  A couple sprays of this give umph to my hair in the best way possible.  It smells great but is not too strongly and it doesn’t dry out your hair like others of it’s kind.  It’s perfect and a bargain at $14 per bottle at your local Target.

The Full Coverage Podcast

Lindsey and Harriet are so sweet and fun and knowledgeable about all things beauty and I feel better about life every time I listen to their show.  As a bonus, if you like the podcast, their Facebook group has a lovely group of smart women who share beauty tips.  Caution though, it will make you want to buy everything they recommend.




Clarins has been around forever and honestly I have never have been particularly drawn to it, mainly because the packaging is so reserved and understated.  But I stumbled across some samples this year made me go hmmm, maybe there is something to this brand.  Long story short – everything I have tried has been a total winner as far as quality and performance.  Items I have using and loved are the tinted sunscreen, the hydration serum, the concealer, the flash beauty balm AND the must beloved double serum.  If you are going try this line, then I recommend starting with the flash beauty balm or the hydration serum.

Insight Timer

images (1)

Lastly, if you are feeling stressed or sad or blah (and who isn’t in winter?), then I highly recommend trying meditation with the Insight Timer application.  It’s free and they have many types of guided meditations for beginners and experts alike.

Peace out,







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