Beauty Challenge: Use up my samples


I have a confession to make…. I am a beauty hoarder.  Ask my family – I have makeup and beauty products stashed all over our bedroom, linen closet and BOTH bathrooms.  It’s a little bit mad and having a Birchbox subscription just adds to the craziness.


So I am challenging myself to use up or give away all of my samples by July 1st.  I shall call this challenge #purgethehoard and I shall provide periodic updates on my progress.

Join me?



4 thoughts on “Beauty Challenge: Use up my samples

  1. Hi Nat – I’m doing the same thing – I have a ton of samples that were going to waste – we can compare notes = )


  2. I am doing something similar on my blog – I am just trying to use 5 samples a week. I love how its going because I am discovering lots of new loves and using up those pesky little samples 🙂 Good luck!

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