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Hello party people,

I’m both wired and tired today from sleeping to little and drinking too much coffee. Blergh.  Anyway it’s time to play a fun game I like to call “how many things can I stuff in my bag to prepare for any emergency?”.  Like most women (I think) I am always walking around with an overstuffed bag.  “Maybe she should get a bigger bag?” You are probably thinking to yourself.  You are probably right, but if I get bigger bag, I will just fill it with more stuff.  Meanwhile my husband has the audacity to waltz around with just his wallet.  JERK.  How does he LIVE?  Sooo in the land of reality I am always trying to organize my bag and keep all my crap under control.

Extra Bags –

Because I like to carry a gazillion things, my bag has a bag just for all these items.  Otherwise you just have a bunch junk floating around in your purse and can never find anything.  I use this little pouch I got at the Moma store and it does a great job at containing the clutter.116572_A2_Patchwork_Print_Pouch

Also, a resuable bag is super handy –  you never know when you might need an extra bag and I like these ones by Bagu because they fold up and can be tucked away.  BTW – Chicago now charges 7 cents for each bag you get at the store, so even more incentive to keep a reusable bag on you. baggu 1

Lipstick –

Lippies accumulate in my bag and it’s kind of embarrassing how many I have.  In general I try to keep it down to 3 – 1 red, 1 pinky brown and 1 regular lip balm.  I like to use the lip balm on my cuticles as well cuz I am forever getting hangnails.

Compact –

One of my favorite possessions is my Chanel compact.  The blush itself is a pretty pink, which perks up your complexion if you are feeling a little worn.  S168556_XLARGEThe mirror itself is terrific for making sure you look presentable if you are out and about and Chanel is known for having quality mirrors in their compacts.  Plus, I just think the packaging is so elegant and timeless.  This compact always travels with me from purse to purse.  Available for $42 at Chanel.comChanel

Tea Tree Oil Gel Stick –

Every time I take this out of my bag, I regret it.  As a natural antiseptic it’s exceptional for catching and preventing breakouts but also it works better than anything else I know for bug bites.  Tea tree oil stops itchiness in it’s tracks.  As someone who mosquitos like A LOT, this is a handy thing to keep nearby.tea-tree-targeted-gel-1-640x640

Blax –

I love, love , love the packaging for these hairbands.  It makes it very easy to corral and find your hairbands.  Available at Amazon for $6.00.Blax



I keep a sample size of sunscreen in my bag because I burn easily and nobody got time for a sunburn (or skin damage).  I tend to use the ones I get from Birchbox like Supergoop.  I cannot tell you how many times keeping a spare sunscreen has spared me from a sunburn.

Dental floss – There is nothing worse than having something stuck in your teeth.  Am I right?

Kleenex – I don’t think I need to saying anything more about this.

Other notable mentions are – Advil, Band aids, Allergy medicine & breath mints.  Whew!  There are probably more oddities lingering in my purse but I’m going to stop things here before you think I’m a total weirdo.  Or a hoarder.

What kinds of handy things do you keep in your purse?

Have a great week!






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