Princess of Mars and the Otherworld Theater


Chicago folks,

Like theater?  Like science fiction? Then I have the play for you!  This past weekend I took my family to see the Otherworld Theater’s production of the “A Princess of Mars” based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs book from 1912.  The story involves a confederate soldier aka John Carter, Martians, a princess, a fight between good and evil and a love story.  What’s not to love?  Oh, and did I mention there is singing and swordplay?


The actors are wonderful and the production did a great job of sweeping us into their world for two hours.  I loved it, my husband loved it and our 8 year old loved it.  To get an 8 year old whose main hobbies include Pokémon and playing video games to be invested in watching a play is no mean feat.  My hat is off to the production and crew of “A Princess of Mars”.  Interested in seeing it?  The play is running through April 1st at the Berger Park Coach House in Rogers Park.  This is the last weekend so catch before it’s gone!

Hours –

Thursday -Saturday at 7:30 PM with a 2:30 Matinee on Saturday

Venue –

Berger Park

1605 N. Sheridan Road – Chicago, IL 60660

Tickets –

$20 on Eventbrite


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