Mastering the smoky eye for clueless folk

I’m not clueless about makeup, but the smoky eye has never been my favorite look on me.  Smoky eyes and eyeglasses just don’t really go together.  But lots of people like a smoky eye.  So, if you don’t wear glasses then I have a few tips for you to help you master the look.bobbi

  1.  Shadow sticks!!!! The Bobbi Brown Shadow stick is gonna be your best friend in achieving this look.  Seriously, all you need to do is draw across your lid as much as or as little as you want and this can include in around and even inside your waterline.  Then, and this is the technical part, you take your finger and rub it in.  It is really that easy.  I have about 5 of these shadow sticks and the wear is amazing.  The darker colors can substitute for shadow and liner and lighter colors make a wonderful shadow base for the rest of your look.  Available for $28 a piece at Nordstrom.
  2. If you don’t feel like springing for an eyeshadow stick, then here is the technique back from my “clubbing” days.  All you will need is an eyeshadow and eyeliner in the same color.  I always used a rich brown because it went well with my green eyes.  Step 1) line your eyes as you naturally would with your regular eyeliner Step 2) go back over that eyeliner with eyeshadow in the same shade Step 3)  Get a q-tip and smudge it in, and then smudge it some more, and then some more.  Step 4)  Wet a clean q-tip and clean up any fallout.  The result is stunning and long lasting.
  3. For my last tip, and this is not one I actually try to do myself, at least on purpose.  Apply a little bit of eyeliner before bed and night and then sleep on it.  It works!  I just don’t like sleeping in makeup.  It make my eyes feel weird when I wake up, but this technique will give you that perfect lived eye liner look.

That is it folks.  Please go forth and conquer the smoky eye.  If you have any tips or requested makeup looks, let me know in the comment section below.




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