In defense of wearing makeup

It was my fault for reading Twitter in first place.  I have seen a few things posted there recently about makeup that have really stuck in my craw. Twitter is a sound bite medium, so it is not a really a place to have a civil in depth exchange.

So here is my response to critiques of women wearing makeup:  

we can do whatever the fuck we want.  

We wear can  a cat dye, or a bold lip, or purple mascara.  Makeup is just a tool for expression people.  That’s it, that’s all.  Putting anything else on it is really more about you.  We can choose not to wear makeup and that is fine too.

I happen to love wearing makeup, and it is not a reflection of insecurity or anxiety.  I enjoy expressing myself through makeup.  If I want to feel powerful, I love to wear red lipstick.  If I am having fun day at the beach I will wear a fuscia lipstick.  If I want to feel sexy I will wear a nude lipgloss. And I will feel all those things.

And putting on makeup is as enjoyable to me as when I paint or draw.  My face is the canvas and makeup is the medium in which I choose how I want to express myself for the day and how I wish to be perceived.  

Let’s not critique ourselves or others for choices we make with appearance. Choosing not to wear makeup is not a feminist notion, but having choice in what and how you choose to express yourself is.

Peace out,


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