My pores are a mess and other tales of woe

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As previously mentioned, it’s hot here in Chicago. So not only is my hair a mess, my skin is freaking out.  The combination of sweating, wearing sunscreen and polluted air all really mess with one’s skin, you know?  So, long story short, my pores are a mess and I am breaking out more than usual.  But I am not one to give up without a fight!  I went straight to Walgreens and Sephora and chose my weapons.

Cleansing –

I have been taking extra care to get all of my make off at night, so for me this means double cleansing.  First I use a gentle makeup wipes like these by Simple

shoppings886267-main-Lheroand try to remove as much makeup as possible.  I also like using a Cleansing Balm for this step and Clinque’s take the day off is my very favorite as it is gentle, super effective and leaves no residue.Ultra_Facial_Cleanser_3605970024192_5.0fl.oz. (1)

Next I go in with a good cleanser like Kiehl’s Facial Wash.  Which is an old stand by of mine. But whatever your goto facewash is, use that.

Masks, Mask, Masks –


I’ve tried quite a few masks in my day so I do not say this lightly – The Glamglow Supermud Mask is the best mask ever !!!!!! This amazing mask really stopped my skin freak out in it’s tracks.  This mask us three different acids that draw out impurities, smooth and refine your skin.  One use and I was hooked.  This is a pricey mask for sure but you can get reasonably priced samples on Ebay.   

Treatment –


To treat problem spots I usually use tea Tree oil, but this time I decided to try something different use these acne treatment sticker dots by Peter Roth Thomas.  (was anybody else obsessed with stickers in grade school?)  The dots are invisible, but they do catch light so I wouldn’t use them in the daytime.  I have been using them all week and they work great.  I put them on at night as a final step in my skincare routine and then take them off the next morning.

And then finally, you will need something to reduce the redness once the pimple is gone.  So many options here, but what has worked most efficiently for me is sample of Differin my Dermatologist gave me .  Another option would be a Vitamin C serum or Retinol serum available at any drugstore.

I just want to point out one other thing – when using acids, retinol or vitamin serums your skin will be more prone to sunburn.  So please keep applying sunscreen!  Sunscreen is your friend.





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