When you are at your best

Attachment-1.jpegI was listening to this interview on Into the Gloss when the interviewer wisely asked the celebrity makeup artist what she used when she wanted to look and feel her very best.  Although it’s a deceptively simple question, I think it was so smart and real.  We all have things that make us feel extra special good.

So, I have been thinking about this since I heard the interview and here are mine:

Red Lipstick:  Red lipstick is my rock and something that never lets me down – in good times and bad.  I wear red lipstick when everything is terrible, or if I need to feel extra special awesome, and especially if I want to feel strong.  For me red lipstick is empowering.  I have so many red lipsticks, it’s like Sophie’s choice over here choosing, but Dragon Girl by Nars is the one I recommend to people the most often. Dragon Girl is a true blue red matte red and wears very well.  Also a good drugstore red is Maybelline’s color blur in Partner in Crimson

And if you ever see me coming at you with a dark plum lipstick, watch out. I’m coming for ya.

Perfume:helmut-lang_cuiron-pd-900x900  I have a love/relationship with scent and while I can’t tolerate it much in my skincare products, I absolutely love perfume.  I only wear it sparingly by spraying it and walking through or dabbing on the back of my knees.  Right now my very, very, very favorite scent is Curion by Helmut Lang which surprisingly is unisex cologne.  I only break it out for special occasions because it is super expensive and I only have a small vial.  How to describe Curion?  It’s warm, rich and complex and combines two of my favorite smells – Leather & Citron.  Smell is so strongly tied to memory and I have a very strong memory of my Mom going to a work party with my Dad when I was young.  She was wearing an emerald green dress with her hair all done up and she was wearing a perfume that smelled a lot like this one.  I thought my Mom was the height of glamour. Way to go Marjorie Nelson (and happy early Mother’s Day!)!

Treat yo’self: And lastly, and this falls under the category of self-care, my favorite way to feel at my best is getting a massage.  Getting a massage is the absolute best way to feel better in general and nothing feels more decadent.  Nowadays with the abundance of Groupon specials and places like Massage Envy, getting a massage is very affordable. #Treat yo’self!


You are awesome and you deserve it!

I truly would love to hear what you do when you want to look and feel your absolute best.  Let me know in the comments below or message me, or tweet me!



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