Pinterest Challenge Accepted: Lashes Baby

200You know who has awesome long dark eyelashes?  My son. And also my husband, and even my dog.  You know who has puny sad little eyelashes?  Me.

Why do boys get all the long dark eyelashes?

I WANT better eyelashes!  I DESERVE better eyelashes.  Mascara is awesome but you can’t sleep in it.  Latisse freaks me out because I don’t want the color of my eyes to change. Eyelash extensions look fantastic but are $$$$.  So I turned to our friend Pinterest, who like a well-meaning friend, sometimes gives really, really bad advice. However I think I got some good advice this time: Applying Castor Oil to your eyelashes before bed.


What?   The yucky stuff your mom made you drink when you were a kid?  Yes!  As it turns out, applying Castor Oil to your eyelashes is amazing for getting your eyelashes to grow long and strong.  I’ve been applying castor oil to my eyelashes for the last 8 weeks and surprisingly this Pinterest tip really works.  My lashes are much longer and thicker than before I started this experiment, even the gal who does my eyebrows noticed a difference.


Not me, but I wish.

How to use:  The best way to use it is to apply to your eyelashes with a clean, recycled mascara brush from an old mascara.  You can also buy wands online or at a beauty store.   And even in a pinch you could also just apply directly to your eyelashes with your finger.  Hey whatever works!  It’s best to apply at night as the castor oil is thicker than most oils and is a little gloopy.  It’s kind of like a deep conditioning treatment for your lashes.  On average I would say I remember to do this 2 to 3 times a week.


You can find Castor Oil at Whole Foods or any Health and Wellness Store.  I got mine at Amazon for $12.99.  Also, if you wanted to be really clever empty the oil into this empty mascara tube that you can get on Amazon as well.

Have this tried this method for growing your eyelashes? Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

Natalie & Evan

Look at the lashes on this kid!  His nickname is seriously “Lashes”.

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!




5 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge Accepted: Lashes Baby

    • It’s sort of a mystery but I think it tied to these two things: 1) castor oil contains an unique fatty acid called ricinoleic 2) it has a much denser composition than other oils.


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