It’s Spring, yea!


Pardon me for stating the obvious, but spring is finally here in the Midwest and it’s such a pleasure (and relief) to see things starting to bloom.  

My son brought these daffodils in from the yard tonight and the there is something about the bright yellow that just really makes me happy.  Plus I stepped outside and I could smell the blooming seedum, which was so lovely.  I had no idea that seedum even bloomed or smelled so wonderful.  Just more reason to love Spring. IMG_1045

A couple of other discoveries I found this week are from the Body Shop.  I have always liked The Body Shop products, but found them to be too heavily fragranced which tends to give me headaches or break me out. So, this weekend I was really thrilled to find that the Body Shop have started carrying some items that have little to no fragrance.  In celebration I picked up the Aloe Body butter and the Camomile Cleansing butter for the face. Both are made from naturally derived ingredients and are so, so moisturizing and lovely to use.  Soon I am going to do a separate post on Cleansing Butters, but for the money the Body Shop’s Cleansing Butter might just be my new favorite.  If you get a chance I highly recommend checking these new favorites out.


Camomile Cleansing Buttter $11 and Aloe Body Butter $15.  Both are available at The Body Shop.



7 thoughts on “It’s Spring, yea!

  1. love this post. i like this brand because their products are so natural and have good smell. i love use The Body Shop strawberry moisturizer. i have ever used this cleasing butter but i think it’s good too 😀


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