Three Item Challenge!

If you had to limit yourself to only 3 makeup items to get ready, what would you choose?

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On a regular work day I probably use 6-10 items to get ready. I truly would love to be one of those people who use little or no makeup, but I’m simply not.  Some of us just need more “help” to get to a presentable state.  So I’ve been thinking about this challenge for a little bit and I always vacillate between my choices, because ideally 4 or 5 products would be better.  Or if has to be just three products, which products would be stretched the furthest.  Of course if you don’t wear makeup, you 1) probably don’t read this blog or 2) think I’m a nut.

  • Stick foundation – The Mineral Stick Foundation by NYX is the perfect balance between creamy and solid so you can use it as a concealer or foundation depending on what kind on skin day you are having. $10 at Target.mineralstickfoundation_main
  • Mascara – nothing opens your eyes and makes you look more awake than Mascara. I’ve been loving Huge (very subtle) by Stila which is lengthening and curls your lashes too.  $24 at Ulta.s1711332-main-hero
  • Lipstick – A good moisturizing lipstick in a pinky brown color.  This will add a little bloom to your cheeks and lips. If needed it could be a pinch hitter for eye shadow as well.  There are a million and one of these types of lipsticks in all price ranges but Bobbi Brown’s “Rose” has been my steady boo for several years now. $26 at any department store.rose

OK and if I decided to go a little crazy and cheat my 4th backup item would be medium brown eyeliner which you could use to define your eyes & brows.  My 5th item would Neutrogena’s Bronzer, cuz I’m pale as hell and it’s nice to have some color.  $11 at any drugstore.


What would you pick if you had to stick to three items?  Please comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.



5 thoughts on “Three Item Challenge!

  1. I would need an eyelash curler and maybe that’s it. Not because I don’t need anything else, but because I don’t really know how to use anything else. Eyeliner and lipstick are easy tools to help me fake looking fashionable. So, those are my three.

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  2. Mascara (to make my eyes and lashes pop),eyebrow pencil (to fill in and give definition ),and my beloved blistex (i use it year round)…..this is my everyday au natural look…..


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