Costco + Bobbi Brown = Awesome

IMG_0738A few weeks ago I went on the Costco website looking for a present for my brother.  After the cheesecake was purchased (his fave) I decided to see what they have as far as beauty goes. My local Costco doesn’t really sell much in the way of beauty, except for the odd moisturizing cream. To my great surprise and delight, the Costco website now carries Bobbi Brown.  Not only that but they also have a well curated assortment of products from other luxury brands including YSL, Smashbox, W3ll People, Dr. Jart, Kiehls, Glam Glow, Eve Lom and Estee Lauder.  Not a bad lineup at all!  And they have some really great 2 for 1 deals.


After doing so me browsing I decided to pick up this Bobbi Brown Palette that has three neutral matte eye shadows, one shimmery shadow and a lovely pink blush.  It also included a better-than-usual blending brush.  As you have probably figured out by now, I am a sucker for a good palette.  I am always looking for that perfect palette that is going to solve all my problems.  And I love Bobbi Brown; her products are always really high quality.  The Bobbi Brown Costco palette comes pretty darn close to perfection!  The shadows are very bendable, super wearable and easy to use.  I love that it includes a blush as well and is so compact.  This is the perfect work travel palette, so it is going in my travel bag.  At $24.97 this is a steal as most of the Bobbi Brown palettes start at $50.  Plus shipping is free!  Get yours at


I can’t wait to see what else Costco is going to start selling.  What have found at Costco that you like? (besides Toilet Paper and dishwashing detergent I mean?)

Soldier on folks,


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