Getting in the Game

During Fall Fashion Week in New York I couldn’t help but notice there was a lot of mint green eyeliner on the runways (and yellow and orange!).  Who comes up with this stuff?  I am sure that this will not come as surprise to you but I can’t pull off mint green eyeliner.  However,  I did take this makeup trend to mean that I should try get and in the game and venture out of my black and brown eyeliner rut.

So in the spirit of adventure I have been playing around with using different eyeliner options this fall and found some winners that are colorful but still appropriate for work.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Creme Eyeliner

Everywhere $9.99 

Oh how I love this eyeliner.  I thought that all gel eyeliners were pretty much this same but this gel eyeliner has great staying power and is super easy to apply.  I think this marks the first time I was able to successfully apply eyeliner underneath my eyes instead just on the top lid.  Winning!  I bought it in purple thinking it might contrast nicely with my green eyes but now I think I want it in brown and black too.  Another bonus is that the brush is cleverly built into the design, which means one less thing for me to look for in the morning. 

Sephora 12 Hour Cream Eyeshadow

$12 Sephora

Did you see the Hunger Games?  Well after I saw it all I could talk about to any body who asked was how amazing Lenny Kravitz looked with gold eyeliner at the outer corner of his eyes.  It was hawt.  So trying Sephora’s eyeshadow crayon in gold was my attempt at recreating that moment.  It didn’t really happen for though because 1) Lenny Kravitz and I look nothing alike and 2) this lays too thick a line as it’s a more of an eyeshadow crayon.  However I have created some fun looks with this crayon by putting line directly above  my regular brown or black eyeliner (AND the purple gel eyeliner). Gold eyeshadow definitely will give the old eyes some pop.  Oh, and this waterproof eyeshadow thing really works-  the color stays until I take it off.

What are you diggin’ these days?

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