For the Dudes

Spoiler alert– if you are male relative of mine please don’t read this post or your Christmas will totally be ruined.  If you enjoying ruining surprises than by all means read away, buddy.

Here’s the deal:  My husband does not like to buy his own skin care products, instead he sneaks mine on the sly.


The Dude, not my husband

Another favorite trick of his is to “use up” products that I have abandoned in effort to “clear up space in the medicine cabinet” .  Whatever, b-u-s-t-ed.

This year for the holidays I decided to get the men in my life some of their own skin products since for whatever bull-headed mannish reason they will not buy these things for themselves.  Here is what I came up with:

Demeter Cologne in Leather, $20 –


Demeter’s cologne smells EXACTLY like leather.  It’s awesome, it’s great.  It smells like the boys I used to make out with in High School.  Not to put too fine of a point on it but it smells SEXY AS HELL.  Demeter also makes other strange scents such as sticky rice, play dough and turpentine.  To each his own.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Refueling Kit $58,


Kiehl’s products are amazing, natural and reasonably priced.  Plus the packaging is very gender neutral so it’s perfect for the dudes.   They have many different kits at different price points.  I like this one because it covers all the bases.  The lip balm is even non-shiny.

Jack Black Hand Salve and Lip Balm $12,

Jack Black

I picked this up for the husband at Merz Apothecary.  I think this kit is the perfect stocking stuffer and would be great to keep in his car for the super cold and dry midwest winter when everything gets chapped and nasty.

Sea salt

Swedish Sea Salt Soap, $4.00 WestElm –

Does it get any manlier that this?  Smells great and I love, love, love the packaging.

Alba Botanical Shaving Foam in Sea Mist, $7.99


And lastly, in an effort to expose my husband to something other that Barbasol for shaving, I picked up some Alba Botanical shaving foam cream.  This foam is nicer than Barbasol for sure but not too fancy (god forbid!). This will go in his stocking along with the Sea Salt Soap and Jack Black kit.

That’s all I got.  What do you get for the men in your life?

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