Happy Birthday to Notes on Pretty!

245dff8f0a6a5a14388879e3cd380034Today is the 5th anniversary of Notes on Pretty!  I can’t believe we made it 6th months, let alone five years.  Pretty. Amazing.  This blog is totally a labor of love and I appreciate of those folks who have supported me over the years.  Everyone once in awhile, I will let this blog fall off my radar, and when I do someone will always ask “when are you going post again?”  So I do and so it goes….

As a working wife and mother, it’s really nice to have a creative outlet that is just for myself and this blog is so much fun to write (and shop for). I have had so many great conversations about beauty because of this blog and I just think it is such a fun way to connect with other women.

So, to celebrate making it five years, I will be doing a giveaway of some of my favorite beauty items.  I promise it will be good! To enter just leave a comment below with your favorite beauty product of all time and a winner will picked at random.

Thank you again!!!!



10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Notes on Pretty!

  1. I love my Rodan + Fields lash boost! Amazing results! On the other hand, my Cover Girl lash blast mascara helps my long blonde lashes stand out!


  2. Only one huh? 🤔 Then it’ll have to be the biggest game changer for me and that’s Peter Thomas Roth Firm X peeling gel. I use it after I wash my face on those days when my skin is dull or breaking out. It’s amazing! It literally removes a layer of skin and removes blackheads like magic. Worth the $.


  3. My favorite beauty item has to be eye liner. I don’t care what brand- but eye liner has saved me from looking like a zombie so many times! Love your blog-can’t believe it’s been 5 years!

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  4. If I knew of a non-waterproof eyeliner that didn’t smudge when I smile (which is frequently – the smiling, that is), THAT would be my favorite product. However, Neutrogena sheer zinc face sunscreen (SPF 50) doesn’t irritate my rosacea,and that’s pretty amazing.

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