Cartier Eau De Cartier Goutee De Rose: A Summer Scent

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Hey folks.  Need to smell good?  Like roses?  I have a perfume recommendation for you – Cartier’s Goutee de Rose perfume. This is a light and airy scent that will not overpower you with it’s rosiness.  Even though this is a rose scent, it is unique, fresh and light. If this perfume was a person it would Audrey Hepburn (and who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn).

download (10) I don’t think that I have ever smelled anything like Goutee de Rose before.  There’s a little bit of rose combined with a little bit of lemon and sugar.  I looked up the translation of Goutee, as I was not familiar with the word.  Translated from French – it means tasting.  This perfume is a “tasting of rose”.  A perfect description of this perfume, sometimes the French get it so right, you know?

I purchased Cartier Goutee De Rose through Birchbox’s Scent Sampler which for $25, sends you five perfume samples and a voucher $30 towards purchasing your favorite of the five. I had purchased this sampler with the full intention of buying Hemult Lang’s Curion, which I love and had been eyeing for some time.  Instead I fell in love with Cartier’s Goutee de Rose perfume and used the voucher for this fragrance instead.  These types of sample/voucher boxes make great gifts, as there is usually something for everyone and scent is so personal.

Anyway, if you cross my path and I smell delicious, now you know what I am wearing this summer.

What are your favorite scents?  Have you had any experiences with scent samplers?




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