What’s In My Wastebasket


I usually don’t like to trash products, either literally or figuratively, but sometimes you are just required to issue a PSA about terrible products.  The products mentioned in this post are not just bad, but bad with raisins in it (thank you Dorothy Parker) The following products are not from bad brands, but the formulas could use some serious help.

Boots Airbrush in a Flash

download (6)

I bought after popular youtube blogger Tati said this foundation was wonderful. Tati is usually so right on with her recommendations, but when I tried this foundation I managed to look both tan and undead.  I can’t imagine who this color would look good on.  Add to this that there is no sunblock in it and it wears off quickly and I’m so done trying.  I should have returned this earlier, but I thought it might work in the summer when I have more color. It didn’t, so into the trash can.  Learn from my mistakes kids.

Colourpop – Ultra Matte Lipstick in “More Better”

download (7)

Colourpop has huge cult following and I am new initiate.  The eye shadows are totally amazing and only $5 a pop (but more on that in another post).  What’s going in the trash is their liquid lipstick in “More Better”. I put some on after lunch at work and hour later, a colleague came ask me a questions and started laughing hysterically.  Despite being dry and matte as hell, the lipstick had managed to travel all around mouth and down my neck.  Yikes.  Off it came and into the trash it went. I have this same lipstick in the color “Molly” and I have had zero issues with it straying.  Since the lipstick was only $6, it’s not worth shipping back to Colourpop.  I still love this brand though.

I hope you all are having a great week and that your foundation is not making you look undead.

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