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Happy Monday peeps!  I had a fantastic weekend here in Chicago, the weather was beautiful and I was able to get all my plants in the ground.  I will post some pictures once they start take off, but this year I planted tomatoes, peppers, radishes, corn, and every kind of garden herb there is.  I also planted lavender, nasturtiums and cardinal red vine. Also there was a self tanning incident despite all the tutorials I watched, and ended up with oompa loompa hands.  Oh the agony!


Anyhoo, last week I was so inspired by Kat Von D’s commitment to the development and use of cruelty free cosmetics that I  decided to do some research on some of my favorite brands to see if they were cruelty free.  Most were cruelty free but there were a few surprises – namely Kiehl’s and Clinique.  If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you will know that Kiehl’s and Clinique make some of my very favorite skincare products.  Insert sad face emoji.

So I am asking you folks – what are your favorite Cruelty Free Brands and why?  I would like to do a post on people’s favorite Cruelty Free brands and I want your input!

I also wanted to give you some free resources for doing your own research:

The Peta Cruelty – Free Search Engine

The Bunny Free app for Iphone & Android  by Peta

I hope these resources help you and I look forward to hearing about your favorite cruelty free beauty brands.

Have a great week!


“Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper” – Beyonce


11 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Cosmetics

  1. My favorite vegan and vegetarian (they label when something has honey) brand is 100% pure. You can find it online and there’s a store front in Woodfield for those near Chicago. From someone with life long skin problems, I love everything I’ve ever tried and my skin is in the best shape of my life.

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  2. Rebecca will be thrilled to hear you are doing this. She spent the entire school year researching, writing & debating the issue of animal cruelty in product and medical testing. She’s too young for make-up but you’ll be her new hero when she hears about this blog! Well done!

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