Putting on the Spritz


What I look like when I spray my face, it’s true.

Can I bend your ear a bit about facial sprays? Some brands call them spritzers or micro fine mists but whatever they are called I have tried an embarrassing amount of them.  Working in a dry office environment is really hard on the skin and usually by 3 pm I’m looking and feeling a little worn.   The last few years I’ve been relying on facial sprays to revive my face and spirits.  Sure there have been a few stumbles along the way – like when one of my cubemates complained  about the patchuli scented one (and I don’t blame him!).  Other sprays didn’t really seem to do much.  Recently I have found some winners I thought I would share with you.  

Read on my friends while I mist you with some magical face spray wisdom!

Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist:Supergoop!

Every magazine I pick up says that I should be re-applying sunscreen midday, even when I sit indoors,  near no natural light what-so-ever. Sigh…ain’t nobody got time for that!  So I was super excited when I read that the new skincare trend is makeup setting sprays that set your makeup, provide hydration and provide sunscreen protection.  This one by Supergoop is super awesome, easy to apply and provides excellent sunscreen protection.  How do I know?  I’m  very fair and for Mother’s Day we decided to rent a rowboat and Supergoop’s spray was the only sunscreen I had.  It worked great, we were out for several hours on the water, and I did not burn at all.  Thumbs up!  Available for between $12-$28 at Sephora.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Face Mist:


If you are looking for a makeup setting spray that gives your skin some extra polish and makes you look all dewy and glowing, Tacha is the spray for you.  It’s on the pricey side but worth every penny. This spray also works well if 3 pm hits and you are all sad and droopy, a quick spray gives a little oomph to your complexion.  The lavender scent is also very spa-like.  Available for $48 (gulp) at Sephora.


Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist:  s1785559-main-hero

True story – I don’t actually own this one, but it’s the spray I’m getting next once the Tatcha spray runs out on me.  This is similar to the Tatcha spray but less pricey and even MORE dewy (Dewy! Dewy!  Dewy!).  How do I know?  Because the last five times I have gone into Sephora I sprayed myself with the tester.  This has gone on long enough that I decided maybe it’s time to buy it.  Available for $25 at Sephora.

Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz: download (4)

A more affordable option and the one that I currently keep at my desk at work, is the Rosewater Facial Spray mist from Boots.  It smells just like roses and I do not feel like I need to save it for special moments.  On the dewiness meter, it ranks pretty low but it feels and smells wonderful. Plus I’m crazy for anything Rosewater.  Available for $8.39 at Target.

What Makeup setting sprays are you digging?  And more importantly, should I get the Shiseido Spray?

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