How not to look like a lizard

This time of year when it starts to get colder and colder and colder still, my skin really starts to dry out and look a little my friend Chuck here –


It’s not the end of the world but it is annoying.  Lizards are cute but I don’t want to look like one. 

So, here are a few strategies  that I use when winter skin starts to set in and I get a little scaly.

1) I  try to avoid hot, hot showers as they dry out your skin like nothing else .

2)  Exfoliate every other day – I use scrubbing gloves like these and L’Occitane Body gels.  But really any old gel will do.shower gel

3)  Use a Sugar/Salt scrub – sure you can buy scubs at the store but I prefer to make my own.   All you need is:

2 parts sugar or salt

1 part oil (almond, apricot or  grapeseed) 

a couple drops of fragrance.

Whole Foods is great for this sort of thing –  I mix the almond oil or grapeseed oil with the sugar and then add a couple drops of fragrance oils or perfume.  Right now I am using lemon scented oil that I got at Whole Foods but I have also used lavender, grapefruit and even perfume in the past.  I mix everything together in a little Tupperware container and then use in the shower as needed.  You will not need to put on a body moisturizer after you use this and your skin will glow!  You’re welcome.

4)  Try a moisturizing cream instead of a lotion.  cerave

You know how you are supposed to use lotion as soon as you get out of the shower?  You still do this but next time instead of using a lotion try a cream such as CeraVe’s. The creams hold moisture much longer than a lotion. 

I wish you all luck!

2 thoughts on “How not to look like a lizard

  1. Hey Natalie, what can be done about cracked skin on fingertips? Mine have been cracking just above my fingernails (thumb and first finger). I try to wear gloves when washing dishes, but I forget, y’know? Then the rough edges start to bug me and my old nail-biting habits emerge. I tell you, it can get ugly really quick.


    • I treat cracked fingertips the same way I do hangnails- with a really good cuticle cream. I can recommend three – Aquaphor, Medela’s Lanolin aka nipple cream and Lush’s Lemony Flutter. All of these products are uber moisturizing and work great. I keep a jars cuticle of cream in my desk, in my purse and next to my bed and try to remember apply as frequently as possible. Before bed would be the best though. Hope this helps!


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