DIY Manicures

Manicures are not really my thing.  I could get a pedicure every day for the rest of my life but for me manicures go on the “meh” list.  Once in a blue moon I will get a manicure but they  never last more than a few days.

Blue moon courtesy of

I am also spectacularly untalented at putting nail polish on myself, so I have resigned to spend most of my life with bare nails and be just being OK with it.  BUT, I have noticed getting manicures does seem to help with preventing nail breakage and icky hangnails – both I seem to get a lot of.  So lately I have been trying to take better care of my nails and have taken a few stabs at self manicuring.  That sounds really weird to write out, hmm.  Anyhoo, the following products have really helped my DIY manicure game.

No More Mistakes ($5.29, CVS) –

If you are like me, and get nail polish all over your fingers (yes, I said fingers and not nail.   Shamefu!l) this product will really help with cleaning up the aftermath.  Can someone make something like this for my life too?

Zoya Nail Polish in Pandora ($8, –

I try to stick with light neutral colors and hope for the best.  My favorite polish right now is Pandora by Zoya.  It is a light shimmery nude that looks great and lasts longer that most nail polishes.  Plus Zoya makes a polishes that are toxic free.

Cuticle Nippers ( $13.49, Walgreens)- 

Also, I finally invested in a pair of hangnail nippers.  This tool is IT for removing hangnails.  Nippers get can get into places a standard nail clipper just can’t.  Also, if you decide to get some to do yourself a favor and get the non-slip kind.

A Fat Nail file –

The big  fat nail files are so much better than the traditional cardboard or metal nail file.  They are also much gentler on the nails too.  The fatty’s are not expensive so what are you waiting for?  Any kind will do but these are called flowers and available in a two pack at Ulta for $1.79.

Revlon Extra Life Topcoat ($5.99, CVS) – 

Here’s a trick – to preserve your manicure longer invest in a bottle of clear nail polish and add a coat every day or so.  I’m not so diligent with this but I do try to put a coat clear polish every couple of days.   I keep a bottle in my desk at work and a bottle at home.

Also, one of these days I am going to be a grown up and get a kit like this

But I’m not there yet.

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