5 Quick Fixes for Beauty Disasters

Yesterday morning I was innocently trying out a new eyeshadow when I realized that the eyeshadow I was using was so darkly pigmented it was too much for anything other than a nightclub. To make matters worse I made the mistake of trying to balance out my one black eye by putting shadow on the other eye and wound up with two black eyes that were totally inappropriate for work.  While my inner goth squealed yea!, my outer corporate bitch said #$%!.  With no time to start over what is a goth gal who is late for work to do?

For 5 quick beauty fixes read on my friends –

1.  Too Much Eye Shadow 

Baby wipes work like a magic on correcting eyeshadow blunders. We still have a ton of baby wipes on hand from my son’s diaper days and I was happy to put them to good use.  I snagged a wipe to remove the excess eye shadow and tame the rest of the eye shadow into something more workplace friendly.  Makeup removing towelettes like “Say Yes to Carrot’s”  would work wonderfully here too.  You want a makeup towelette here that is not too wet.

2. Mascara Mishaps

Why is it I always blink or sneeze while putting on mascara? Then it gets all under my eyes and ruins all my hard work.  Sucks to be me.  I used keep a makeup correction pen handy for just such occasions but then I realized that Qtip dipped in eye makeup remover is the basically the same thing.   A quick swipe of this Qtip under the eyes and presto bamo – all is right with the world again.

3. Too Much Blush!

Sometimes in an effort not to look so pale I can go overboard with the blush.  If this happens to you just try to buff it out.  If that fails, grab a tissue and rub some of the excess off and try not worry about it too much.  Blush is the first thing to wear off!

4. Cakey looking Foundation

Ugh!  Nothing is more aging than dry cakey foundation.  There is a couple of ways to fix this.  Option 1- If it’s really bad and you haven’t put on your blusher on yet you can take a little moisturizer and rub it on your face.  This will dissipate the cakeiness and you should still have foundation left. You may still need to touch up any red spots with concealer or a mixture of the foundation and moisturizer. Option 2 – If you are already at work and have your full face on the other way to go is to use a moisturizing spray like Caudalie or Clinque’s. 

I keep a bottle in my desk at work as a refresher in the winter when everything gets really dry and parched.

5. Broken Nail 

Have you ever broken a nail in the middle of the nail bed?  Double ugh and an ouch.  It’s one thing to break it off at the tip and another painful thing to break it off below the edge.  In those cases I use a dab of nail glue and a coating of clear nail polish to keep the nail intact until it grows out.

Have any beauty disasters that need a-fixin?  Ask away!

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