Beauty Rollcall a.k.a. my favorite things this week

Here are few things that have knocked my socks off this week –

It has been super humid this month here in Chicago and it is hard out here for someone who has naturally curly hair.  I recently picked up Dove’s frizz fighting serum and this stuff is a freakin’ soldier.  I use it in combination with a little bit of gel (I like Aveeno naturals but it has been discontinued, boo hiss) and this combo has worked really, really well at fighting off frizz. For $4.98 I would recommend that anyone give this a whirl.  Available at fine drugstores everywhere.

The E.L.F. (Eyes, Lips, Face) cosmetics brand has always seemed to good to be true.  Being super cheap with stylish packaging, the quality had to be totally awful right?   I’m happy to report that this line of cosmetics is pretty darn amazing for a drugstore brand.  The quality of the product and packaging are more like what you would find at a department store. I love, love, love their cream eyeshadows.  These shadows go on super easy, are long wearing and don’t crease.  At $3 a pop they are totally worth experimenting with.  I just wish they came in more colors!  If you are not comfortable with applying, then I recommend trying cream eyeshadows which are much more forgiving than their powder counterparts.

I also really liked E.L.F.’s lip glosses which are only a $1 a piece.  I am always losing lipglosses so this is great for me.  I can buy 5 for $5 and stash them in all my favorite hiding places!  The texture of their gloss is very creamy, pleasant on the lips, minty and sweet.  I had such good luck with these purchases and I look forward to exploring more of what E.L.F. has to offer.

E.L.F. is available at finer Targets.

What are you loving this week?  Leave your comments below..

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