Friday Favorites: Smart Women Always




It’s been a great week, but I am sooooooo happy it’s Friday.  I’m looking forward to getting outside and doing some gardening while the weather is still mild.

Other than my garden, here is what I have been digging this week:

Listen:  Two Dope Queens & Popfashion

I truly think this is the golden age of podcasts and there so many good one rights now.  At the top of my list is Two Dope Queens – which is hysterical and makes me laugh out loud in inappropriate places.

Another new podcast discovery is Popfashion – which is a really funny and smart discussion of fashion trends and the economics of fashion.

Watch:  L.A. Frock Stars

If you can take a moment to pause from watching “Game of Thrones”, Frock Stars is a better-than-average reality show about a vintage clothing shop in LA.  Let me tell you – these ladies really know their stuff about history and fashion.  It’s also really cool to see vintage clothing styled to look modern.  So inspiring!

Wear:  Kat Von D Beauty

I heard this interview on Fatmascara with the inestimable Kat Von D.  I’ve been following Kat’s Instagram for some time now and really appreciate how she follows to the beat of her own drummer, but what has impressed me the most was her passion for creating cruelty free makeup.  I have only tried one of her liquid liners but thought quality was really high.  Their lipstick Lolita has a cult following and is always selling out.  I appreciate this brands dedication to quality products that are cruelty free and will make a point to support them and other cruelty free brands in the future.

40003_4014The beauty link

What do all of these recommendations have in common?  Smart Women doing awesome things.  Praise!!!!!

Have a great weekend!




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